Options Counseling

Abortion may seem like the only choice

Every year in Oklahoma countless women learn they’re pregnant and they weren’t planning to be. Many women facing unplanned pregnancies may feel like their world has been turned upside down. They’re scared, alone and desperate. They seek out abortion because they feel like it’s their only option, but it’s not. Crossroads is here to share the light of truth, life and Christ with these women.



“They have helped me tremendously and have been more than accommodating . . . more than I could have ever asked for. I’m so incredibly thankful I came across this clinic and believe they saved my precious baby’s life.”

Requested to remain nameless

Life-Affirming Health Services

Women facing an unplanned pregnancy visit Crossroads to receive free health services to address their immediate concern: unplanned pregnancy. They don’t realize during their visit, they’ll receive so much more. Crossroads provides support and life-affirming ultrasounds to women facing unplanned pregnancies. This gives women who are considering abortion the opportunity to see their baby and hear the heartbeat for the very first time. More than just a medical service, these sonograms become life-saving images for women on the brink of choosing abortion for their baby, encouraging them to give their child life.


Conversations that Save Lives

Once a woman learns whether she’s pregnant, she needs someone to talk to about her situation and options for her next steps. Crossroads provides pregnancy counseling to help her understand her situation, her options and the tiny life that’s growing inside of her. Our volunteers provide practical support to this woman in crisis, while showing her the love and hope that can be found in Christ.

Crossroads also provides counseling for other people in the woman’s life, such as parents, grandparents, siblings, and the father of the baby. Volunteers help to provide individual or family communication sessions to process the issues that they are all facing.

Meeting This Challenge

Here in our community

Empower women to choose life for their babies through the love of Christ. Stand with Crossroads to bring life, hope and Christ to our community. Volunteer to counsel women who are considering abortion, or make a generous gift to support our ministry. Your contribution of any size or type will help Crossroads reach more abortion-minded women than ever before.

Abortions are happening just across our state lines in Kansas, Colorado, and New Mexico. Crossroads exists to reach women during their search for an abortion, to intervene with hope and encouragement, and to impact them for life and Christ

Will you help us fulfill this mission?