Crossroads Clinic exists to protect the sanctity of human life by impacting hearts with the love of Jesus Christ. This is accomplished with a multifaceted program approach focusing on Prevention, Intervention, and Restoration.

Why Crossroads Clinic Exists

abortions each year

Every year 1.2 million abortions happen in our country. That’s 1 abortion every 20 seconds. But abortion isn’t just a national epidemic. It’s in our state. It’s in our communities.
That is why Crossroads Clinic exists.

Crossroads Programs

Teen Risk Avoidance and Character Education focuses on promoting abstinence, preventing unplanned pregnancy and decreasing the spread of STDs. TRACE informs, empowers, and challenges young adults to make wise, informed decisions. We can equip them in making better choices. We have faith-based and secular-based material that is appropriate for grades 8 to 12, which can be presented to community groups, schools and churches.

Options Counseling

STD Testing & Treatment 

Crossroads Clinic provides support, information and a safe place for those wounded by past abortion to find forgiveness and healing. Women of all ages struggling with past abortions can take part in Passages, our Post Abortion Counseling and Recovery Program – an 8-week course at Crossroads to work through their grief and find forgiveness in Christ. Believers who participate often renew their commitment to Christ and non-believers often discover God’s love and accept His gift of mercy.