November 2019 

Dear Life Advocate,

Today six out of ten unplanned pregnancies in America end in abortion. In Oklahoma, abortion continues to rise as new abortion clinics open!

At Crossroads Clinic, 85% of the women we see are considering abortion as the solution for their unplanned pregnancy. The mother and babies in this letter represent 135 at-risk babies saved from abortion through Crossroads Clinic in the last 12 months. Here is their story:

They say lightning doesn’t strike twice, but sometimes, it feels like it. . .

Whitney had just graduated from college and relocated across states for a new job. The transition would have been difficult in and of itself, but Whitney was also a single mom with one-year-old twin boys – making it even more of a challenge! Just when she felt she was finally able to manage the chaos, Whitney found out she was pregnant. Panic gripped her. “There is no way I can do this!”

Googling for abortion information, Whitney was instantly connected to Crossroads Clinic. The hotline staff communicated empathy and educated Whitney on why it was critical for her to first find out whether her pregnancy was viable before she would get an abortion. Persuaded, Whitney made an appointment for herself and her fiancé, who’d said he would stand by whatever she decided. An ultrasound was performed and revealed stunning news: there were not one, but TWO babies. “You have got to be kidding me.” If Whitney was panicked before, this news tipped her over the edge. In her panic, she felt more than ever that abortion was her only option. However, because she was still very early in her pregnancy, our RN strongly encouraged her to come back for a re-scan in two weeks, to which she agreed.

At the second ultrasound, God intervened in the way only He can. He showed Whitney her two preborn babies engaging actively in her womb – rolling, kicking and even bumping each other! Then, they both stopped at the same time and settled down next to each other, in the same position. The scene reminded her of her older twins: “They are just like their older brothers. . . they are best buddies with each other!” It drove home for her the fact that these little ones deserved to live just as much as her other children. In that moment, abortion became unthinkable to her! When Whitney shared the news of her change of heart and mind with her fiancé, he broke down in tears as he had wanted these babies all along!

The last 12 month’s Impact: 5,681 PATIENT CARE ENCOUNTERS    135 BABIES SAVED…With your support    231 WOMEN SEEN…Who were abortion determined      90 LIVES CHANGED…By accepting Christ as Savior

God never fails! He is always looking for ways to do miracles on behalf of all the children He has created. God is our provider, but He provides through His people. Would you help us today to finish 2019 financially strong to be ready to meet the challenges of the New Year? Will you be one of those He uses to help save an additional 150 babies next year?

Year End Impact Goal: Raise $180k to Save 150 Lives

We are grateful for your partnership on behalf of these little ones and their parents.  If you would like to support the Life-Affirming work of Crossroads, go to to make a secure donation.

Blessings in Christ and for LIFE,
Linda Stewart,
Executive Director
OKC and Guthrie